Your App Failed Because of This

With millions of apps available on the App Store and Google Play, you’d think mobile apps were an easy ticket to large profits. Surprisingly, the evidence points the other way. According to a Forbes article, research indicates that less than .01% of apps will be labeled a success by its developers come 2018. The research […]

On the Path to Modernization: Adaptive Software in Education Technologies


  Education technology is a brilliant innovation in the modern educational life.  The EdTech enables students to learn the same topic in the same way at the same speed. Having been impressed by the benefits of technology in the education, B.F. Skinner, a Harvard psychologist, invented new teaching machines to enable learners to tackle questions […]

All you should know regarding JavaScript

JavaScript is a kind of prototype-based scripting language that is dynamic, badly typed and also its known to have has best uses. Its syntax was mainly influenced by language C, copies very many names and also the naming conventions from Java whereas the two languages are unrelated and has very few similarities. The key design […]

E-Commerce Websites – Expand Your Business By Going Online

Most first-time entrepreneurs set up a physical store for their small business and expect sales to grow organically. Rarely does this happen. That’s when you realize the true challenge in getting potential walk-ins to your store. It takes concentrated effort to ensure that your business is doing the kind of sales it needs to be. […]

Spring Hello World And Environment Setup

In my previous blog I wrote in details How to create Maven Project in Eclipse. Today in this article we will do environment setup for spring 4 and we will also do a Spring Hello World project to have a better understanding of Spring framework. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Eclipse IDE. Good knowledge of Core Java. Environment […]

Maven Project Using Eclipse


In my previous blog I wrote about Tree Map in details. Today i am going to write about Maven. You can find all my articles under Below: Android Article. Java Articles. Today i am going write about Maven build tool. We will also do an example of how can we create a simple Java Maven project […]