7 Top Online Tools To Measure SEO Success

Top SEO Online Tools

Top SEO Online Tools

When it comes to SEO, measurement is a fundamental aspect which defines how much success you have achieved. This is particularly true with online initiatives, which have a wealth of data. Using the right tools allow you to track the keywords that are sending you traffic, the profitable keywords along with the keywords where you are losing money.

Along with writing high quality blogs, your SEO roadmap will define success of your blog/website. The best SEO tools track data about referrals, rankings, links and much more to assist you in creating a powerful SEO strategy and build road maps for success. A good SEO roadmap will get you on the path in making hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month, while a bad one can cripple any existing traffic you get. This explains the importance of measuring your SEO success and using the right tools which I want to show you in this post.

Below are the best SEO tools, you need to know to measure your SEO strategy.

The 7 Best Tools To Track Your SEO

Google Webmaster Tools

The best way how Google understands your site is perhaps to ask Google itself. Google Webmaster Tools are the best free resources that clearly elucidate the basics of Google search.

For instance, Fetch as Google is a tool that permits you to see a URL exactly as the way Google sees it, which is important, especially when troubleshooting for inferior SEO performance. The information that you get can assist you in modifying the page in question for improved results. This can also help you segregate problematic code if your site gets hacked.

Users are given 500 fetches each week, and if you are on the verge of hitting your set limit, you’ll receive a notification.

Another great aspect of Google Webmasters Tool happens to be Page Speed Insights, which measures the speed of your site both on a desktop as well as a handheld device. Page speed is turning out to become extremely important for businesses that want to grab the attention of visitors.

The score of Page Speed varies from 0 to 100 points, which indicates that a site with a higher score is performing brilliantly. According to Google Developers, Page Speed Insights is regularly being improved which is why the score keeps on changing.

Moz Tools

The Moz Pro Tools is an all-in-one SEO research and analytics tool for increasing the search ranking of your site, which can save you loads of time. The research tools of Moz provide users with the resources they require to track growth, identify SEO opportunities, build strategies, and optimize the overall efforts.

The Crawl Test Tool, for example, uses Roger Bot-a web crawler of Moz-to analyze a maximum of 3000 links on a particular URL. After completion, you will get an email report that highlights every little detail for each page on the site.

This can be great if you want to recognize crawlability determinants like redirects and duplicate content that could have an impact on your SEO performance.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a tiny desktop program that can be easily installed on your Linux, Mac or PC. It sends a spider or crawler to your site and creates a spreadsheet on the pages it crawls. You can see URLs, title tags, H1 tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and also the pages on your site that have 404 errors. This tool is best used whenever you are starting a fresh site review. It’ll give you an overall feel of the site and quickly indicate major technical issues if any.

The Spider tool works great for medium to large sites, where checking each page manually would be an onerous task. The basic version of the tool can be downloaded and used for free, which can crawl a maximum of 500 URLs in each crawl. However, by spending just £99 per year, you can get unrestricted crawl limit with exciting and useful features.

Check My Links

Check My Links is a fantastic free tool which helps you ensure that both your external and internal links are actually working. This makes it easy for an editor or publisher to make amendments before a page goes live.

The best part is that it’s extremely fast and takes less than 10 seconds to check 50% of a page. It also finds out the links that can be quickly checked. You can save enormous time since it allows you to check multiple pages in one go. As a bonus, the tool also tells you what type of page error the broken link has (404,500 etc.).

With time, Check My Links will turn out to be your best friend for building top links for multiple reasons.

Analysis of Top Search Engine Optimization Online Tools

Analysis of Top Search Engine Optimization Online Tools

Quicksprout Website Analyzer Tool

Quicksprout.com offers an easy-to-use Website Analyzer Tool that can assist small business owners find out the areas that need dire attention. The free, initial report offers brilliant insights into weak areas of your website, and provides a checklist on those areas that need attention.

By spending a one-time-fee of $9, you can access the full report. The visual layout is intuitive and clean, providing lots of crucial information. Furthermore, if you want to find out how you stack up compared to your competitors, just place in their URLs in the search bar and see your scores versus theirs.

SEO Report Card

SEO Report Card is a free tool created by UpCity that lets you analyze your site and see how it ranks against your competitors. The tool gives you a report that covers the following areas:

  • Rank Analysis: A screenshot of the ranking of your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The ranking will be based on the keyword you enter.
  • Link Building: A comprehensive account on the number of sites that have their links placed on your site.
  • On-Site Analysis: Your success levels using your main keyword all through your site.
  • Trust Metrics: The level of authority and trust of your site.
  • Accessibility Of Your Website: Shows the load time of your site and ease of accessibility.
  • Current Indexing: Indicates the number of pages on your site that has been indexed.


Woorank appears to be just another free website analyzer at first glance. However, upon closer analysis, you’ll get handy insights into some great stuff. Get your website analyzed and generate a report within seconds.

A wonderful aspect of Woorank is that of social shareability. There are only a handful of free analysis tools that can aggregate so much of social network data in just one place. Another outstanding feature of the tool is the mobile section. It’s difficult to come across free SEO tools that provide such a high level of perspective and data.


If you are dead serious about SEO, you need to invest cash into the right tools. It’s impossible to do thorough SEO work in the absence of a paid subscription. Some things that are not available for free include heat maps, rank reports and backlink analysis.

What are the SEO tools other than the ones mentioned above which you’ve found to be useful? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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