6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Project Management Tool

Changing times are a call for change in work style too! Long gone are the days of using pen and paper, or even e-mails for managing projects. Now is the era of project management software, and there is a reason for that, or shall I say reasons.

Project management has become ‘the fundamental style’ of working. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that businesses are embracing online project management tools with open arms. It does not matter whether you are a team of five or a multinational corporation, these tools are for everyone.

So, why should businesses go for web-enabled project management software? And, what are the common challenges faced in its absence? Let’s find out.

  • A Replacement for Multiple Tools

    Companies need different tools for various project related activities. If you have to share documents and reports, you need a mailing system. If you have to communicate, you need an instant messenger. The list is long. Online project management tools like ProofHub provide a convenient substitute and basically a replacement for all those software. You get everything within one package, such as option to share files, chat feature for instant communication, etc. Think of it as an enclosed ecosystem containing everything one can possibly need for managing a project of any nature within itself. So, why juggle through so much and drain out your energy, when one software can easily do the job of many?

  • Centralized Control

    Multiple departments are involved at various levels in a project. Project management tool connects all the departments. You can think of it as a focal point or a centralized space from where the top management can oversee the entire progress in just one look. It’s like a control-room from where you can stay connected with everyone, even when you are working with remote teams. Suggestions, ideas, change in workflow, updates – centralized space makes it super-easy to discuss and communicate things coherently.

  • Clarity in Division of Work

    Confusion in workplace arises when people forget who is responsible for what. Or, who was supposed to take care of which deadlines. This gives rise to internal conflicts, which, let’s be real, only slows things down. When transparency in work is preserved, there won’t be any room/scope for confusion, or things getting mixed-up. In a project management software, people can create to-do lists, set roles, and assign tasks to members for everyone’s knowledge, so there is absolutely no trace of ambiguity in workflow. Everyone will know who is answerable for what. This shall naturally boost transparency in division of work. A project management tool is the way to systematize things and automate processes; a lot of things can be put on auto-pilot to cut-down on the workload of having to remember things.

  • Empowers Collaboration

    Every single thing we use today was once imagined by someone who made a conscious effort to make that idea/concept a reality. That’s exactly what is needed in workplace today! The ability to come up with ideas that haven’t crossed anyone’s mind yet. Project management tools allow individuals to come together and share such ideas; project managers, team members, clients – everyone can work collaboratively. Project management tools initiate online discussions, virtual meetings, and let everyone voice their opinion.

  • Early Risk Assessment

    Project management tools allow teams and managers to see the shortcomings in early stages. Online project management software come with features like Gantt Charts, and a lot of similar other functionalities that allow constant evaluation and comparison with standard benchmarks. If things don’t seem to be going the way they should be, managers can implement the best possible set of corrective measures. It’s like diagnosing a disease in the early stage, before it could manifest itself in the form of physical signs and symptoms. Why wait until the problem becomes chronic? It’s better to nip it in the bud. If the project is likely to get derailed, everyone can see it coming and it becomes easier to predict the likelihood of success and failure.

  • Takes Care of Both Quality and Quantity

    Quality and quantity – both are essential for the success of any enterprise. You cannot call a project successful if either one is compromised. Project management software takes care of both these aspects. Teams can deliver more output in less time and using minimum resources because a lot of barriers that were previously hampering productivity are removed. Consistency in communication and collaboration leaves no scope for gaps in performance. The quality of work is automatically maintained when project managers are constantly tracking progress and giving instant feedback. No time is wasted in unproductive and unnecessarily long meetings.

Above mentioned are just a few advantages of using a project management tool. The real benefits can only be explored once you start using it for real.