My ShoutMeet Pune Event Experience


ShoutMeet Pune Blogging Event Participants

ShoutMeet Pune Blogging Event Participants

ShoutMeet Pune(2015)

Frankly speaking I was not interested in attending ShoutMeet Pune, a blogging event headed by famous blog scientist Harsh Agrawal, Founder of shoutmeloud. But my elder brother forced me to attend this event by saying that it will take my blogging journey to next level. His exact words were “you will learn a lot”. So I registered for the ShoutMeet Pune. Just to give you insight, I started just 2 months back. The response I am getting on my blog is amazing.

ShoutMeet Pune logging bEvent was organized at WP Poets office at Kalyani Nagar, Pune. I reached the venue on time(11 AM). The event started 15 minutes after I reached.

Before the event started I was very nervous. This was the first big blogging event I was attending. Lot of questions were going into my mind like what’s going to happen, how will I ask questions and many more. But after he(Harsh) entered the conference room, nervousness was all gone. He was so polite and humble.

ShoutMeet Pune Blogging Event Start

ShoutMeet Pune event started with harsh shaking hands with everyone in the room. He introduced himself with everyone. He made the environment very friendly. I felt like we are interacting with one of our old friend. He is a blog scientist. He is on top of blogging world but I must say he was very humble and polite. After the event ended I felt lucky that I met him.

He started the ShoutMeet Pune session with his experiences like how and when he started. What are the problems he faced in his blogging journey. After telling about himself in quick time, he put the ball into participants court. He told everyone openly to ask questions. Almost all the bloggers had questions, so they bombarded their questions on Harsh. Harsh gave answers to all the bloggers very politely and calmly. I was amazed by his detailed response. There I got to know why he is called the blog scientist or the best Indian blogger.

Some of the important things he explained in ShoutMeet Pune:

  • SEO can’t happen in 1 day or 1 week. It will gradually improve by the time.
  • Don’t write only for the sake of writing, write good and quality blog. It should be easily understood by the users. when users like good content they return to your website again and again.
  • Put categories in your content. Don’t create lot of categories. Use relevant tag and use repeatable tags and categories. Tags can be more compared to categories.
  • There is a difference between Blog and Website. Most Websites has static data and it it’s not updated on regular basis. But Blog has dynamic data and it needs to be updated on regular basis.
  • Google read images by their Alt tags.
  • Don’t depend only on google for the traffic. Promote your blog on social media also. They play important role for getting traffic on your website.
  • Follow each user in the comment section. Reply to each user in comment box.
  • Make your About Us page effective. Write in detail about yourself and your interests. Tell the world why user should read your blog.
  • If you looking for Jobthen also blog helps you get a good Job. You can put your blog website in your resume. This was also confirmed by Savita Soni (founder of WP Poet) Job seekers are writing about certain technology indicates they have knowledge and done research about language or technology. So they prefer Bloggers.
  • Being a Blogger is not an easy task. To be a blogger you have to write, promote, fix technical issues etc. It’s a product which needs to be handled like a startup founder.
  • He also told us that at the start you will get lot of bad comments like “Your English is pathetic“, “Your content is not good“. Don’t loose your motivation. Because by doing blogging only you will learn to write quality content. He also added that all the top bloggers or famous bloggers in the start have pathetic english. They were also writing bad quality content. But they improved themselves over the time.

For me it was a golden opportunity to attend ShoutMeet Pune. I learned a lot from this event. I didn’t ask many questions. Most of my questions were already asked by other bloggers :)

ShoutMeet Pune Event End

The event ended with distribution of gifts, goodies to all the blogger. Below items were distributed:

  • 2 Magazine 3 Premium WordPress themes to two lucky winners.
  • 2 Web Hostings for 1 year to two lucky winners.
  • Autopilot- Social Media Automation Tool to all the bloggers present in the ShoutMeet Pune event.
  • Affiliate Marketing E-Book by Harsh Agrawal to all the bloggers present in the ShoutMeet Pune event.
ShoutMeet Pune Blogging Event with Harsh

ShoutMeet Pune Blogging Event with Harsh


I wish ShoutMeet Pune event happen again and again. My suggestion to Harsh is to conduct ShoutMeet Pune every year. It motivates and inspires lot of bloggers like me. It also helps budding bloggers who are blogging as a career choice.

In the end I can say ShoutMeet Pune event was a huge success. One of the ShoutMeet Pune moderator has created whatsapp group where we discuss blogging tips & related things. We are also taking this to next level by creating Facebook page for Pune bloggers.

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  • Hi abhinav, i am a young blogger of age 15 years, when i read your expirience at shoutmeet, i am excited to join next shoutmeet. I am reading harsh’s blogs (mainly shoutmeloud) from a long time. All i can say about harsh is that he is really a best blogger of india and my favorite blogger…

  • Constantine

    Seems like an awesome blogging event!

  • Nice experience Abhinav. I’m also looking to meet the great man :)

    • Abhinav Kumar Singh

      Yes.. An awesome experience, that I never forget..

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