6 Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Project Management Tool

Changing times are a call for change in work style too! Long gone are the days of using pen and paper, or even e-mails for managing projects. Now is the era of project management software, and there is a reason for that, or shall I say reasons. Project management has become ‘the fundamental style’ of […]

Amazon EC2 – Host Your Application in Cloud

amazon web services getting started with AWS EC2

Officially called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) is your remotely located virtual laptop also called instance. It’s similar to what you get from Slicehost, Rackspace with some really cool features. One of the earliest Amazon Web Service and quite mature now. You host your website here. The article is for beginners who want to get started […]

Production Use Case – Amazon DynamoDB Index Design Best Practices for Optimum Performance

Programming Amazon Web Services : PageView Item Global Secondary Index

Ok so you have read all the good things about DynamoDB and decided to use for your production application. One of the major thing which amazon web service developers, DB architects really struggle while working with DynamoDB is efficient index design. DynamoDB is: db => tables => items => attributes db = a list of […]

Amazon DynamoDB – Benchmarking with Production Data & Analysis

Amazon DynamoDB Redshift Integration

Amazon DynamoDB AWS NoSql database is getting lot of popularity these days for it’s capabilities. However before It should be used in production, proper analysis needs to be done. Specially if you have spent most of your time working with relational databases, it’s important to be more than 100% sure before moving towards a NoSQL […]

Amazon Redshift User Management Productive Queries

Amazon Redshift User Management Queries & Query Examples

Amazon Redshift works really great for big data. You can run complex analytical queries on petabyte-scale data. If you are beginner with Amazon Web Service you can get started with below articles. AWS Free Tier Unknown facts Setup Amazon CloudWatch Alarm for Billing Alerts Amazon Redshift documentation is quite good. Having said that I find […]

Have No Fear When You Have a Cell Phone Spy Here!

Android App Review

You can spy on a cell phone but it just doesn’t feel right to sneak into anyone’s phone? Why would anyone want to anyway? But then there are concerned parents who cannot just give a free rein to their kids. Cyber monitoring has become an essential part in an upbringing of a child. With cyber […]