Infor’s M3 ERP – Introduction

Today i am going to write about Infor’s M3 ERP in details. I receive many requests from hackpundit user to write a blog on this topic  in details, as there is not much content on the internet.



Evolution of Business ERP

What is an ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an effective planning technique in  an overall management of various business’s that a particular organisation carries out.

It helps in an effective management and smooth conduct of the day-to-day business.

Basically, it is a business process management software that allows an organisation to use a set of integrated application to manage and automate many back office processing.

It includes various process’s like product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.


Infor, provides a powerful tool to manage the ERP by the name M3 (Make,Move,Maintain).

M3 ERP has early beginning in the year 1983 mainly known as Movex and has evolved during the years with various features and methods to manage the organisation’s overall business structure.

M3 ERP has become even more powerful after 2013 when JAVA was introduced to it and now the entire ERP of Infor’s ERP has Java as its backbone.

M3 has mainly its focus on various domains like manufacturing, textile industry, warehouse management system and production industry.


  • M3 ERP helps the back office work becomes automated and it makes the organisations workflow easier and simpler.
  • M3 has a strong focus in the industry’s manufacturing, sales, finance and marketing areas and it manages all the communication between these departments of the industry.


M3 structure mainly consists of Company, Division, Facility and Warehouse. In each of these levels there are various functions being conducted,  looking at the various components as below:

Company- It is mostly the main company that the ERP represents. It mainly defines Master Files, Customer, Supplier, Inventory, COA.

Division- It is the companies sub-branches which can be located anywhere in the world. One Company can have two or more Divisions.

At Division level the Company gives the authorization to carry out various works and helps in decision making of any policies/licenses of the product movement or purchase within or other industry/supplier.

At this level various legal entities are present and the authorization of tasks can be done.

Facility- It has number of warehouse’s under its control where it takes care of structure level and costing level functionalities.

Warehouse- The main planning level activity is carried out at the warehouse level in the industry.


Infor M3 Organisation Structure

There are two kinds of business techniques that are mainly carried out in M3 namely, Functional and Technical.

Functional areas mainly consists of carrying out various functionalities of the business, deciding the workflow and suggesting the work areas where various business techniques can be carried out which are feasible to the industry focus.

Technical area mainly consists of executing these functional ideas or business by applying various technical ideas and to bring the functional ideas to life in front of the ERP user.

Infor Smart Office (ISO)  works as the GUI for M3 ERP which is more like a desktop application where the user can interact with various functionalities and is the place where the business functionalities can be defined and executed.

As M3 ERP now has a strong Java background the programming techniques is as similar of that like in Java. Any Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Eclipse, NetBeans would allow to do the programming which runs in the background of the ISO mentioned earlier.

In short, the programming in the IDE runs as the background or Business Engine of M3 ERP. To allow programming in any of the IDE, it is essential to have a Java plugin named M3 Adaptation Kit (MAK) to be installed in our IDE environment which is a licensed plugin provided by Infor. With the help of this plugin various M3 features get enabled which allows to carry out various programming features for the ERP.

There are set of naming conventions which are predefined that we must need to follow while writing a code in our IDE.

Infor M3 Add-On Tools:

Infor also provides various other software tools which helps to run along in support of the M3 ERP, tools like StreamServe, M3 Enterprise Collaborator (MEC), IPA, MashUp, SWB, PWB, AD-Hoc Reporting.


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