Email Spam Protection Tool

Importance of Email Spam Protection

Email spam protection is one of the biggest challenges online newsletter experts faces with any newsletter service. Solving the same problem I was looking for a good tool which can check spammyness of our emails in advance. This mean before actual sending of my email blast, email spam tool should tell me probability of email going to spam.

email spam protection tool spam checker

email spam protection tool spam checker

I found an excellent email spam protection tool Mail Tester. Its an awesome spam prevention tool with very simple user interface. It works with any mass mailer service. Before sending our newsletters we verify spam score using this tool. I have been it’s user since last 1 year with my inhouse newsletter service. Mail Tester is recommended by Amazon SES also.

How to Use Mail Tester & Get Rid of Spam Emails

  • Mail Tester as email spam protection tool provides unique email id on every page reload.
  • Send your email to that email id.
  • Click button “Then Checking Your Score”.
  • It might delay a little bit and take few seconds to show results.
  • It will give score to the email you sent ranging between 0 – 10.
  • Score between 8-10 is considered good.
  • It also let you know methods by which your spam score can be improved.

Spam Parameters

  • Spam Assassin score.
  • Validates email from domain and from email.
  • HTML to text ratio.
  • Emails are DKIM signed or not (Means emails are being sent from valid domain or not).
  • Valid HTML formatted email.
  • If any link in email is broken or not working.
  • SPF record of domain is updated or not.
  • If your endpoint is listed in spam filters as blacklist.
Mail Tester Spam Score

Mail Tester Spam Score

Mail Tester Spam Reasons

Mail Tester Spam Reasons

How to Get Rid of Spam Emails

  • Your domain should be DKIM signed. This is must to get rid of spam emails. This means every email sent should be DKIM signed.
  • Make sure your email has unsubscribe link. This is single most reason for your emails going to spam. Validate for unsubscribe link with every email blast.
  • alt attribute value should be present in img tags.
  • title attribute value should be present in anchor links.
  • Make sure you are not sending only image emails with your online newsletter service. Probability of these kind of emails going to spam is very high.
  • Maintain an equivalent HTML to text ratio content.
  • While sending HTML email make sure you are also sending text version of the email.
  • Make sure your text version is similar to HTML version. Don’t modify text version too much. It’s a good practice to generate text emails from your HTML version by stripping all HTML tags.
  •  Don’t send emails to those users who have marked your email as spam. Most mass mailer services will provide you delivery report of users who have marked emails as spam.

Bulk Usage with your Email Blast

Mail Tester also provides JSON api which you can integrate with your online newsletter service in production mode for bulk usage. They have reasonable pricing model. We have written robust ruby library for the integration. In case you need please contact us.


It’s one of the top tool for email spam protection to be used with online newsletter service. Many ESP(email service provider) companies have built their online newsletter services on top of this. Mail Tester doesn’t guarantee that after using their tool your emails will not go to spam. However after using the tool with our in-house email blast service for 6+ months I can say that it has improved our deliverability by 50%.

I have been a big Amazon Web Services fan especially Amazon SES. You can  get started with programming amazon web services from below.

Feel free to comment and let us know your email marketing strategy to get rid of spam emails. Also let us know if you use any other tool for email spam protection with your email blast. Would love to try out.

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Happy spam free emailing!