Have No Fear When You Have a Cell Phone Spy Here!

You can spy on a cell phone but it just doesn’t feel right to sneak into anyone’s phone? Why would anyone want to anyway? But then there are concerned parents who cannot just give a free rein to their kids. Cyber monitoring has become an essential part in an upbringing of a child. With cyber bullying and internet crime rate rising, letting the kids go unleashed is a bad news. There are pretty good cell phone spy apps available in the market but you need to select specifically that one which can best monitor your kids and teens. I chose Xnspy as I found this app a wholesome package to guard my children.

Xnspy- An Outline!

People regard it to be the most user-friendly cell phone spy software. Quite correct, because it has pretty neat interface which people find it easy to use. It has some cool features, some of them are still in the pipe line from what I have heard. Still Xnspy keeps coming up with new features that keep the existing clients stick to their choice. With more than 100,000 customers using Xnspy, it has got to have something really special.

Features You Can Use!

Apart from being compatible with all the popular operating systems such as Android and iPhone, Xnspy does cell phone spying in a cool way. Among the many features, the few are listed down below:

  • Call recording
  • Complete Call Logs
  • Communication made through IMs such as Viber, Skype, Kik, Line & WhatsApp
  • Email and web activity history
  • SMS & MMS details
  • Deleted emails and SMSs
  • Multimedia shared

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is something which surely gives thoughts to the James Bond inside of you. Believe you me, to take care of your kids. You need to use such moves to get things on track. This GPS tracking is done with the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s handset. Wherever your kid goes, you will be updated about his whereabouts as and when you wish to know about it. This is done with the help of the Geo Location feature of Xnspy. For enhanced monitoring, the Geo Fencing feature could be of assistance to you as well. This feature helps you mark safe and danger zones on a map. Once the zones are breached by your kids, you get alerted about it instantly.

Some Trivialities To Know

Before installing xnspy on the target phone, keep in mind that:

  • Xnspy is totally untraceable and cannot be detected.
  • It is compatible with all OS. Don’t get it? No sweat; simply install it on Smartphone.
  • It gives you free updates. You heard me right, it’s totally FREE!
  • It has 24/7 customer support to help you with your queries.
  • It has three different packages and the Basic one starts form $8 month!

So Are You Up For Action?

Start making use of this effective cell phone spy and keep an eye on your kids even if you hate using technology. Xnspy is easier to handle than you think! Don’t trust me? Go grab Xnspy and see for yourself! Also get the dashboard app from App store for effective monitoring experience.