Best Practices for Writing High Quality Blog

How to Start a blog?

Blogging Tips - How to Start a blog & Write Quality Content

Blogging Tips – How to Start a blog & Write Quality Content

When we read on internet that this person is making X amount of money only by blogging, usual thought comes to our mind How to start a blog and make money. To start make money blogging, It’s really important to write quality content.

  • HackPundit is a fast growing Technology blogging platform. This means Tech Geeks, Tech Experts can express themselves on HackPundit. Since we are a blogging platform we receive lot of requests from Geeks, Founders, Startup entrepreneurs for writing Guest Blog as well as for sponsored blogs. We want to make sure all our blogs either written by us or by contributors are of high quality. This article has complete details for starting a blog and write highly rich content.
  • This is important not only for readability but also improves SEO.
  • We want to contribute to our blogging community by hiding no secrets behind starting a blog & writing a high quality content with excellent SEO.
  • We want to automate blog writing process for our contributors, authors. Every time a guest wants to write a blog at Hackpundit we have to explain these tips manually. We thought why not automate this process by listing best blogging tips itself in a blog.

These blogging tips are divided into 3 sections:

  • How to start a blog & write high quality content
  • Starting a Blog & Using Images Effectively
  • Blogging Tips : SEO Practices to Keep in Mind

How to Start a Blog & Write High Quality Content

  • Number of words should be between 800 – 2500. Top 10 searched blogs on google has an average of 2000+ words. People love detailed articles.
  • Add atleast 1 Category and 4+ Tags. Category and Tags should be relevant to your article.
  • Make sure your categories are limited. They should be reused again in different blogs. Also tags should be reused. For e.g. Top categories at HackPundit are Technology, Android, Amazon Web Services. You can add new category only if it’s really required.
  • Don’t add long paragraphs. Have fewer sentences per paragraph. Use shorter sentences. Shorter sentence score high in Flesch Reading Ease test.
  • Organize your thoughts in bullet points.
  • Make words bold which are very specific and important. We generally bold important words, Bold and color very important specific words e.g. stats.
  • If you writing about any error, color the exact error message in red.
  • Chose subject, permalink very carefully. Ideally permalink keywords should be similar to subject. Permalink keyword length should be 3-5 words for an ideal SEO.
  • Subject and permalink are indexed by Search Engines robots. Once your blog is published you can change subject. But permalink should be changed very carefully. If you are changing permalink after blog is published make sure previous link is working fine. You can use WordPress Redirection plugin for redirecting old permalinks.
  • Format article content & images very carefully. Preview your blog multiple times before publishing.
  • Use Internal Linking in your blog. Your blog is focused on a specific niche/subject. Link your blog with relevant articles which are already written . This is good for SEO as well as user engagement.
  • Encourage people to comment at the end of your blog.  A post without comments is like that abandoned house down the end of your street…creepy and not to be trusted. Make sure you are asking for people thoughts or questions in conclusive part of article.
  • Try to add link to 2 old posts in first 2 paragraph of your post and 1 link to the last concluding para of your post. This is good for user engagement as well as SEO.
  • After publishing your blog share it on your social network like Twitter, Facebook page. Use relevant hash tags while sharing.

Starting a Blog & Using Images Effectively

How to Start a Blog & How to Make Money Blogging

How to Start a Blog & How to Make Money Blogging

  • Center align images in the blog. They look good.
  • Number of images in an article should be from 3-4. Using too many images will slow down your blog load time. Use CSN like AWS CloudFront for fast loading of images.
  • Don’t forget to add featured image after completing the blog. Featured Image is highlighted in the homepage feed section. Featured Image should summarize your blog. It should express your feelings about the article. Chose featured image very wisely.
  • To make money blogging it’s important to add “ALT” and “TITLE” attributes to every image. ALT & TITLE text should be relevant to image. Make sure your SEO focus keywords are present in “ALT” and “TITLE” attribute.
  • Don’t just copy images from Google Images or Flickr. This can create copyright infringement issues. Filter google images with right “Labelled for Reuse” or “Labelled for Reuse after Modification“. This will not create issues in the beginning. However as your blog popularity grows this can badly affect your reputation and SEO. Click here to see how can your use this Filter.
  • Use below websites for free images
  • Use high quality images. You might need to resize, modify images for various reasons. Make sure image quality is maintained while modifying the images.

Blogging Tips : SEO Practices to Keep in Mind

  • We use Yoast SEO wordpress plugin. Harsh the blogging scientist highly recommend it.  It’s one of the best wordpress SEO plugin. Highly recommended.
  • Use h1, h2, h3 tags for heading. Google bots take keywords in h1, h2. h3 very seriously. Also it’s a good to highlight your main topics in heading.
  • Add Meta Title and Meta Description for every blog. Below your blog editor you will find Meta fields. Make sure these fields are filled before blog is published.  Refer this link for writing good Meta Description.

In blogging, it’s not the quantity but quality matters. Starting a blog is easy but maintaining  quality of article is hard work. Write your article for your target audience. It should compel your users to visit again and again. The article should motivate them to comment and ask questions.

Do you follow any other best practice while writing your blog. Let me know in comments if I missed any point.

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